Pidato Bahasa Inggris : Islam Integrate Between Love And Low

Honourable chairman of this presentation respectabke master of this ceremony respectable speakers and my loving audience

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.


All praise may be to Allah who has commands humanbeing to spread love among them and who has orders punishment of ‘hadd’ to the trangressors, in  order to make living in harmony and orderly.

May the blessing and peace of  Allah be upon his messenger Muhammad p.b.u.h the carrier of love and mercy to mankind so that they feel peace and comfort. To create happiness and prosperity among humanbeing, Allah orders to those have more than the need of property, economy, knowledge and position to show loving attitude to the lower. It means, order to those have more than the need to care and give to the powerless protect the common people, the haves help the haven’t.

Islam teaches us to help the debter to pay the debt. The captive is set free, the orphan, the windows, one on Allah’s way, and who soever in difficulty should be released.

In coping crimes, Islam is not only punishing the doer, yet, preventively Islam gives help in order they do not crime. Such as stressing on caring the weak, the poor, the debter, the captive, the worker, the window, which are spreaded out in the holy book and the tradition.

Allah says;

‘Have you thought of him that denies the last judgement? It is who turns away the orphan and doesn’t urge others to feed the poor” (QS. 107 : 1-3)

“He would not scale the height, would that you know what the heights is! It is the freeing of a bondsman, the feeding, in the day of famine, of an orpaned relation or a needy man in distress; to be one of those who believe, enjoin patience and enjoin mercy” (QS. Albalad 90: 11-18)

The fourteenth verse explains the concept of Islamic love which is very incredible uncomparable. In the day of famine, when goods are rare, and it’s a chance to raise the price, while Islam gives humanity concepts to give his properly to others. And Allah says:

“Who though they hold it clear, give sustenance to the poor man, the orphan, and captive”  (QS. Al Insan 76:8)

And Rasulullah p.b.u.h said:

“Miserly and faith will never be unite in one servant”

In one side Islam spread out this mercy. Like teaches so that the alms tax, charity, and wealth hause (baitul maal) run well, distribute equally to the common people so that the economy is in balance.

About mercy so that the workers, Rasulullah p.b.u.h said:

“There will be 3 person to these I will be their enemy on the day of judgement; a man who gives on my name then he betrays, a man who sells a freeman then he eats the price, and a man who hires a worker then the worker does the job well but he doesn’t give the wage”

(Related to Bukhari)

Thus, the transgressor happens in the society such as, stealing outraging, stupidity etc, need cooperation to cope with among those who have superiority in knowledge, possession and power to help the weak in knowledge wealth and position. Cause a man under opperasion, after a long time, will be like a time bomb that will blow and will be a disaster to humanbeing.

Finally, let’s endevour become one who give solution to the weak in knowledge, possession and power and make them be in prosperity. In equal prosperity, the are wished not to transgress. Equality among people in the society, will reduce jelousy, cause there is no big difference.

Finally, if you find any mistake, I do sorry.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

Salam …