Pidato Bahasa Inggris : Responsibility Against Stupidity

Honourable chairman of this presentation respectabke master of this ceremony respectable speakers and my loving audience

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.


All praise may be to Allah who has created knowledge as  a light to the life, and a safe way for the mukmin to heaven and Allah’s bless. May the blessing and peace be upon Allah’s messager Muhammad p.b.u.h who thought knowledge of every thing in life. Really it’s a special happiness for me that I’m given chance, so that I can deliver a speech entitle with:

Responsibility Against Stupidity

Allah command us to base on knowledge if we act virtues, cause with that knowledge our action will be right.

The most important knowledge is religion, or law. That is the knowledge which will send someone to heaven, which will guide someone to the truth and keep away from hell fire. The knowledge which make us blessed and keep us away of his wroth.

Look, how Islam against stupidity strongly, the first verses revelated is the call to seek knowledge. Allah says:

Read. In the name of your lord who created, created man from clots of congealed blood. Read in the name of your lord  is most bountiful one, who taught by then pen, taught man what he knew not.

Think it, how from the first verses Allah command us to read. Reading is the way to get knowledge. By reading we are able to search, to get, to reach a lot of knowledge.

Thus, from the first moment Islam is a religion that commits a war against stupidity. Islam is anti stupidity. But now if there are many muslims who are fool, its not because of their religion but they themselves who do not applicate their religious teaching.

Because it’s quite noble the obligation against stupidity, Allah gives reward to whoever teaches virtue. Rasulullah p.b.u.h said:

Who soever guides to a virtue, hell get the reward as the doer

And Allah threats to whoever hides knowledge. Rasulullah p.b.u.h said:

“Who soever is asked of a knowledge, and he hides, then he will be tied the tie of hell fire”

Allah says:

Those that hide the clear proofs and guidance we have revaled after we have proclaimed them in the book, shall be cursed by Allah and shall be cursed by the cursors” (QS. 2: 159)

Miserly of knowledge, usually happened on three conditions:

  1. Iserly cause of thought if the knowledge is transferred, the other will get nobility, or will compete his knowledge
  2. Asking for the wordly payment
  3. Afraid of arguing or disagreeing with stronger argument, so he hide it.

Let’s be generous people in spreading knowledge. Stand still in spreading religion and da’wa, as the realization of our care to those who are fool.

And it’s important to think that, the top of our knowledge is to practice it.

Look brothers, many children are dropped out from school, many others are illiterate and many people unknow about religion. These phenomena are the duties of the learnts, the scholars, to bring them up from stupidity.

On the day of judgement , Allah will ask to those who have knowledge; have you spread out your knowledge among human being? If they have already done so, Allah will forgive them. On the contrary, if they haven’t done it, Allah will asked their responsibility of the fault of the fool. It means that Allah will not only blame to the scholars  too cause they do not want to spread out their knowledge. It might be the fools do not get knowledge because there is no effort of the learnt  to spread out knowledge.

Ali bin Abi Thalib said; the fools will not be asked their responsibility on the day of judgment, till the learnt are asked for what are used their knowledge.

As that so Islam against stupidity. Islam commands us to read, to learn, and to seek knowledge. And the scholars are asked to spread out his knowledge, while the fools have to ask to the learnt.

Before getting down from this stage, let’s pray; O Allah, let us be in those who are learnt and practice the knowledge, then spread it out. And don’t let us be in those who are fool and deny knowledge. O Allah, let  our generation be generation who cares much on knowledge and spread out strongly to the others.

And finally, I’d like to say; Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.


Salam …