Pidato Bahasa Inggris : Fight Againt Global Warming

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulilahlazi An amaladzina bini’matil imani wal Islam, asyhadu Allah illaha illallah wa asyhadu anna muhammadarrasulullah amma ba’du.

Let’s prise be to Allah the lot of the word and the day after given us the healthy body, healthy life  and the good opportunity, so..we can attend this program.

Salam and shalawat to our prophet Muhammad saw and his family who has brough us into the best religion and I hope we are can follow that.

Okey…Lady’s and gentlemen

Next I would like to give many thanks’ to master of ceremony who have give me change to stand up in front the audiens deliveren my speech about global warming.

May be…every body never heard word global warming, you know about global warming?

The respectful audience

Global warming refers to an average in the earths temperature, which has risen about 1 degree  Fahrenheit over the past 100 years, and to changes in climate, in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun so that heat cant escape back into space. Without the green house effect, becomes too strong, the earth cold become much warmer causing problems for humans, plants, and animals.

While many green house gases occour naturally and are needed to create the green house effect that keeps the earth warm enough to support life, human use of fossil fuels is the main source of excess green house gases.

As the concentration of green house grows, more heat is ….in the atmosphere and less escapes back into space. Here are nine simple actions you can take to help reduce global warming. First, reduce, reuse and recycle. Do your part to reduce waste by choosing reusable products instead  of disposables. Like as recycle paper, plastic, newspaper, glass and aluminium cans. By recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Second, use less heat and air conditioning, turn down the heat while you’re sleeping at night or away during the day, and keep temperatures moderate at all times. Setting your there most just 2 degree lower in winter and higher in summer could save about 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Change a bulb. Where ever practical, replace regular light bulbs with compact flour cent light (EFL) bulb. CFLS also last 10 times than incandescent bulbs, use two third less energy, and give of 70 percent less heat.

Drive less and drive smart, less driving means fewer emissions. Besides saving gasoline, walking and biking are great forms  of exercise, explore your communities mass transit system.

By energy-efficient product, when it’s time to buy a new car, choose one that offers good gas mileage avoid products that come with excess packaging, especially molded plastic and other packaging that cant be recycled.

Use less not water, set your water heater at 120 degree to save energy. Buy low flow showerheads to save hot water and about 350 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly. Use the energy saving setting on your disk washer and let the dishes air drug.

Use the ‘off’ switch, using only as much light as you need and remember to turn off your television, video player, stereo and computer when you’re not using them its also a good idea to turn of the water when you’re not using it. You’ll reduce your water bill and help to converse a vital resource.

Plat a tree, if you have the means to plant a tree start digging. They are an integral part of the natural atmosphere exchange cycle here on earth, tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during it’s life time encourage others to conserve. Share information about recycling and energy conversation with your friends, neighbors and co-worker, and take opportunities to encourage public officials to establish programs and policies that are good for the environment.

Nine steps, will have you along way toward reducing your energy use and your monthly budged. And less energy use means less dependence on the fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.

Okey..maybe that’s all my speech to day and I apologize of many mistake in my speech so I hope all of my friends can  get something use full from this subject and I close my speech by reciting hamdalah.

Assalamu Alaikum wr. wb.