Draft of Thesis : The Effectiveness of Using Look and Say Method in Increasing Student’s Reading Skill


Reading is a part of language that very important because by reading we can get information knowledge, book, magazines, or article in internet, etc. since elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school have been taught English. The priority of teaching English in school is reading because it can cover the three skills. The people who always read books written in English will be easier to do the other skill namely. As (Achsin, 1985), States that reading skill involves the three other skill namely, listening, speaking, and writing.

On the other hand, multi skill is achieved through the teaching of reading, like, writing, spelling, comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary practice, memory training. (Rebecca Astrowiak : 2004).

Problem mostly occurs to students when reading a book they fell difficult either from mention the symbol (word) meaning of the text. So that is way the student should get the best teaching from a teacher specially about reading. Generally before master the reading skill the student need to learn how to read the word and phrases in English as a foundation to increase their reading skill, one of them is look and say method.

By using this method, the students can look and say what a teacher read and directly the students can memorize the world because every word will be read several times, and according psychologists, Denies the students these tools, an instead forces them to learn through rote memorization.

In addition, look say method is a good method to increase students reading skill. Because the students not just can read the word but also can produce the sound of the word as good as possible with look and say as foundation. They can read any word, even the word they never hear before

Based on the explain above the researcher is interested in carring research untitled “The Effectiveness of using look and say method in increasing students reading skill at fifth year students of SD INPRES BTN PEMDA Makassar.

Problem Statement

Based on the background above, the writer will take the problem statements as follows :

  1. What is the ability of the fifth years students in English reading ?
  2. Is teaching by using look and say method effective in increase the students reading skill ?

The Objective of Research

This research aims to know the ability of the fifth years students of SDN INPRES BTN PEMDA Makassar and to know the effectiveness for the English teaching and apply it in learning teaching process, besides that they are able to increase the students reading skill by using look and say method.

Significance  of  the Research

The result of the research are expected to be very useful information for the English teacher and apply it in learning teaching process, besides that they are able to increase the students reading skill by using look and say method.

The Scope of The Research

The research scope is limited to the effectiveness of look  and say method in increasing the students reading skill at fifth years students reading skill at fifth year students of SDN INPRES BTN PEMDA Makassar

Definition of The Terms

The writer in this case, would like to give the definition about effectiveness, reading, and look and say method


Hornby (1995: 375) explains that effectiveness is a strong or pleasing impression of something, it can be said that as mutual of something or material applied.

Reading is a process that done and used by reader to get message or knowledge from books (Hadgson, 1960)

Look and say method is method that used for teaching reading to children about how to spelling word in English. (Nels Tomlinson, 2004)

Methodology of The Research

Method of the research

This research will use experimental method with one groups; pre-test and post-test design

Population and sample


Cohen (2001: 92) defines “population is object of the research the given the proof to the research result”. The writer, in this case, decides that population is the object of the research given the problem to the research result. The population of the research will be the fifth year student SDN Inpres BTN PEMDA Makassar consist of 30 students.


Morrison (2001: 92) defines “Sample is type of population example as the representatives object of the research” the writer will use surfeited sampling the consist of 30 students.

Instrument of the research

The instrument used in this research is test that giving as pre-test and post test. The pre-test is given before treatment and the post-test is given after treatment.

Procedure  of  collecting data

The procedure of collecting data of this research is as follows :


Pre-test is given to the students before getting treatment


1)    The researcher will introduce the look  and say method

2)    The researcher will explain about the words in English and how to produce the words.

3)    Asking the students to repeat what the teaching say

4)    Giving explanation about blending up the word.

5)    Asking the students to bend the words together become a sentences and this happens several time to repeat.


Post-test is given after the students getting the material of the subject.

Data Analysis Technique

The data collected through test is analyzed by using classification as follows

  1. 9,6 to 10 classified as excellent
  2. 8,6 to 9,5 classified as very good
  3. 7,6 to 8,5 classified as fairly good
  4. 5,6 to 6,5 classified as very fair
  5. 3,6 to 5,5 classified as poor
  6. 0 to 3,5 classified as very poor

(Sudjana, 1992 : 6)

The formula is explained about the significant between pre-test and post-test. The aim of the formula is to answer the second question of the problem statement, and also to know is the look and say method affective or not in increasing the students reading skill at fifth year students of SDN INPRES BTN PEMDA Makassar.


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